Friday, August 8, 2014
Anonymous asked:
How would Rap Monster, Suga, and J Hope react when their girlfriend is terrified of the scary movie they're watching


Rap Monster would try to comfort you, squeezing your hand and shielding your eyes at the super scary parts.

Suga would take it as an excuse to hold you and be all affectionate with you, telling you it was okay and that it was just a movie.

J-Hope…are you kidding? He would be more scared than you were.


- Admin Zizi

I’ll calm you my dearest hobie

Friday, August 1, 2014
Anonymous asked:
Hi ^^could you please write a scenario about zelo, his girlfriend has an accident and when she wakes up she cant remember him or their relationship at all please and thank you

Done ^^ Hope you like it :D

Friday, August 1, 2014
Remember - Zelo

This is for Junhong anon. I was kinda shock when I saw your request because it’s kinda hard T.T But i still hope you like this :)


“_____!” Every eyes in the room looks toward the door. Junhong just ignore it walk toward you that still lying on the bed.

“Are you alright?” He take your hand and hold it tight.
“Who are you?” You give him a weird glare and pulled your hand from him. Junhong eyes widen when you say like that.  Junhong look at your mom and dad asking for their explanation.

“Sorry Junhong, ____ already lost all of her memories because of the accident. She only remembered about herself. She’s even didn’t remember us.” Without knowing, Junhong tears fell when your dad explain. “We’ll give you some space. Talk to her, we’ll be right back.” Your dad pat on Junhong’s shoulder and get out from the ward with your mom and younger sister.

“Wait! Don’t leave me with stranger mom,dad! You called your parents asking them to comeback. Junhong feel soo pain at his heart, when you called him as ‘stranger’.

“He’s not stranger darling, He’s your boyfriend. Can’t you remember?” you mom come nearer you and stroked your hair gently to calm you.

“I never know that I have a boyfriend.” You look at Junhong with a confuse.
“You will remember him someday. We are going outside for a while ok? Talk to him properly.” You mom said and leave both of you alone.

“Hi ___.Are you feel much better for now?” He asked you.

“Ummm. Sort of.” You replied. You feel so awkward to talk with him. Although you don’t remember your family, you still can feel so comfortable with them, but with Junhong, it’s all weird.

“So, when will you can check out from this hospital?”
“2 days more maybe. Nothing serious, I just lost my memories. That’s all.” You said. He smile at you and then he take out a bar of chocolate and hand it at you.

“Sorry, I didn’t have time to buy more special chocolate because I’m too rushing to meet you after I got the call from your that that you accident. I just take it in my fridge. Next time I give you the better one. Ok?”

“How do you know I love chocolate?” She asked you weirdly.

“Because I’m your boyfriend.” He gave you a sweet smile.


“Here, take this.” Junhong pass you an album. You take it from him and give a what-is-this glare. “Just open it, then you’ll know.” He replied when he understand what you trying to ask.

You just followed just what he said. You open it at the first picture in the album is you and Junhong are sharing cotton candy together at the amusement park.

With my angel

You read the caption and looks again at Junhong.
“just keep looking.” He said to you. You keep looking at the album until the last page.

“So, do you remember anything?” Junhong  asked you, hoping you remember something about both of your relationship.

“No, sorry.”You said. Junhong just let out a heavy sigh.

“It’s okay. You’ll remember me one day.”

“I don’t know. I just need some time to remember everything. I want to be alone for a while Junhong.” You said, hoping he will give some space to relax.

“Ok then. I’ll go home. Here. “  He put a box of chocolate on the coffee table and stand up from the couch.

“How about this?” You showing him the photo album at Junhong.
“Just keep it. You can see our picture in case if you miss me.” He grinned and left you alone at the living room.You smiled and you feel something different now.


“Remember this place?”Junhong asked you when both of you reach the park.

“No. I don’t.” You replied. There is nothing about the park in your mind right now.

“This place is important to me you know.” He smiled while looking at the group of kid playing at there.
“Ouh..” you replied and sit beside him on the bench.

“This is the place of when I purposed you.” He looks into your eyes.
“Ouh.. I don’t have any idea about it. Sorry.” You said and felt guilty.

“it ok. It’s not your fault by the way.” He smiled at you again. You feel warm everytime he smiled at you. Suddenly he took your hand and hold it tight again. You kinda shocked with his action but you feel safe in the same time.

“___.” He called your name.
“Yeah?” you look beck at him.

“Can you be my girlfriend for one more time?” His question made you shocked again. You keep silent for a while, thinking what should you responds.

“I don’t think that I say we need to break up before.Although I still didn’t remember you well.” You smirk.

“I take it as yes.” Junhong smile widely.

Thursday, July 31, 2014
Thursday, July 31, 2014
Thursday, July 31, 2014
Belated - Yongguk

“Natasha unnie, I’m sorry for bothering you. Please take care of Hyeri ok?”

“It’s ok. I know you need to spend some of your time with Yongguk.” Natasha grinned at you. You just blushed.

“I got to go now. Bye, molkang-molkang.”You give a hug to Hyeri for the last time. You feel sad but you need to.
“Bye mommy. Tell daddy that I miss him.” She kiss your check.
“Ok honey. Bye.” You said and let her go. After Hyeri replied back your wave, you get into your car and drive to your home.

After lock your house’s door, you walked to the kitchen and started to get ready the ingredients. You planned to cook spaghetti. It’s the only thing that you can think to cook for now. Yongguk already said that he will get home right after he done performing at the music show, so you don’t have enough time to cook something that more complicated.

“perfect.” Your lips formed a smile when you done preparing the dining table with candles, roses and food that you already cooked before. You check your phone and it’s already 7:30pm. You quickly rushed to the bathroom to take a quick bath and get ready yourself. You wear a simple black shift dress and do a light makeup done. After feel satisfied with yourself, you send a message to your husband.

Yaa gukkie ^///^ ~~ When will you get home?



Thursday, July 31, 2014
I love you - Zelo


“Give me the bag. Let me put it for you.” Junhong said and you pass your bag to him.
“Thank you.” You said when you already sit at the seat that had been numbered for you. Junhong just reply you with a sweet smile and take the empty seat beside you.

After a few minutes departure, finally the plane are stable in the air and all the passengers may unfasten their seat belts. You take out novel from your bag to read. The flight took almost 2 hours to reach Tokyo from Seoul, so you want to use your time in the flight with reading which is your hobby.

“What you doing?” Junhong ask you with his puppy eyes.
“I’m eating my dear. Can’t you see?” You replied, jokingly. How can he asked you stupid a question? You chuckle when you see Junhong pouting.

“Let’s talk to me. I’m getting boring now.” He said while looking at your face.

“I have only a few chapters to finish. Just do your own work ok?” You replied to your boyfriend. Junhong just sigh and take out his iPod and put on the earphone.

You read your novel happily without any disturbance from Junhong. Suddenly you feel something poke into both of your ear and you jump abit because of shock.


Thursday, July 31, 2014
Poor sunhye unnie because ukwon lips is not virgin anymore
Wednesday, July 30, 2014
I’m having to much Yongguk feels now  😢😢😢
Wednesday, July 30, 2014




I’m glad nobody knew I was lowkey a kyung stan but I’m not sure I can hold that shit in bc he’s just been getting cuter and cuter over the years but he still looks like he doesn’t bathe tho

about that







it’s called plastic surgery -_-

I like his old chin still

I like his chin as long as it Park Kyung’s. kkk 

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