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BLOCK B -H.E.R fanchat
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Daddy got it - Yongguk


“Mommy! Where is it?!”

“Be patient ok? It will be upload for a few minutes more.” You coax your daughter to be patient for a while.

“But I’m sleepy…” Hyeri yawning. The clock already showed 11.50 pm. No wonder Hyeri that is  4 years old feel sleepy already.
“Go sleep then. We still can watch it together tomorrow.” You gently brushed your daughter head.

“It’s ok. I want to watch daddy.” She replied.

Suddenly both of you look at the door when it’s cracking.

“What are both of you doing?” Yongguk take a seat beside you on the bed.

“We want to watch daddy new MV!” Hyeri said excitedly. Yongguk smile.
“But it’s already late. You should sleep now molkang molkang.”

“No! I need to watch whether there is a girl with you or not in the mv.”She said. Yongguk chuckle.
“What’s wrong if there is a girl with me shooting together?” he asked.

“You only can be together with mom. Arasso?”
“I got it molkang molkang.” He gave Hyeri a sweet gummy smile.



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Monday, July 28, 2014
Monday, July 28, 2014
Monday, July 28, 2014

I think I want to share about my favourite kpop group that I like.kkk. 

These are my main fav group. Which is mean I really love them 100% (follow everything about them)


They are my first group ever that I love sooo damn much. They are soooo talented and idiot and handsome and *&^%$#$%. Every member got own charm and talent.It is worthy to love them xD My friend introduce me to them and I find that they are so interesting. When the first time I know BIGBANG I like GD and then I start to love them and I change to Seungri, but after I digging more about BIGBANG, I fall in love with GD again. So as conclusion, GD is my bias and my unlimited bias xD My first song that make me know them for BIGBANG is Beautiful Hangover I think. . But I start to stan them because of Bad Boy. My fav song for BIGBANG is Let me hear your voice. Although it japanese song, but I really love it so much


I start to like that because of…….. I don’t remember. But I think because I watched Khuntoria on WGM. Khunnie take care victoria so nice and after that I start to search about them and become a HOTTEST. Actually, I’m hate Nichkhun so much before because he get too much attention from everyone. Almost all my friend keep talking about khunnie, so it make me annoying. But after I know 2PM more, he is actually the best man in entire world (I think so). He is so kind hearted and he can do everything.He always cheer HOTTEST and it make me warm T.T My bias for 2PM is Chansung! He also my unlimited bias. I start to know 2pm through Hands Up but I start to love them a few months before Comeback when you here this song. My fav song for 2PM is HOT. the song is great esp the rap part.


Seriously I never expect to like ZEA at all. They have cute images, no much rap in song and I hate them before. Hahaha XD all of because Here I am MV. I swear the MV is so annoying and I can’t imagine if they will make MV like that again after this. I start to know them through Pheonix.. or Aftermath. I can’t remember which one. But I start to love them because I tried to listen their songs (why, Man 2 Man, Heart for two etc.) from my friend mp3 and I find that their songs are interesting. Since then I become a ZEA Style on 2013. The first time I know ZEA I like Kwanghee because he is so idiot. But then I like Dongjun then Junyoung then Heecheol. But now I really like Minwoo. So my bias is Minwoo xD My fav song for ZEA, Man 2 man. I think so… Haha


aishh.. This group…. The most @#$%^&*#$%^ group in the entire world. BLOCK B is really my type. TALENTED, HIP HOP and IDIOT. My first song of BLOCK B is Nililimambo. After that I start to love them because that song is so catchy. But I start to stan them when they comeback with Very Good. I start to stanning them because I keep talking with my junior who is BBC and she tell me alot of BLOCK B. So, I start to dig about them I I really love them. When I know BLOCK B my bias is Zico ( because I only know him before.kkk) Then I start to like Ukwon. But after I know he already dating with Sunhye, I start to stan Park Kyung. Now, PO try to ruin everything but the conclusion, Kyung still my bias and he also my unlimited bias xD My fav song for BLOCK B is Movie’s over. I think so. But I also like Be the light and Do you do it or not. I love all their song as conclusion. hahaha


This group also really match with my style. TALENTED,HIP HOP and IDIOT level $%%$#@# . I start to know them since they debut with No More Dream and my reaction just like what-the-heck-he-showing-his-abbs?Did-he-think-he-handsome-enough?  I really start to like them from that song and I follow them  after that. But I start to stan them when they comeback with Boys in Luv. When I know them I like Jungkook (because I only reconize him) then I start to like Rapmon then Suga then JHope and lastly Jimin! So as conclusion my bias is Jimin. He also my unlimited bias. But Kookie and Suga messing my soul too.My fav song for BTS is cypher part 2. I think…..

So, these is groups that I like so much (follow all their songs/follow them since debut)


My lovely unnies that I love so much T.T I start to know them since Hot Summer era but I start to like them when Electric Shock era. My bias is forever Amber unnie that I love so much like &^%$#$% but after I watched Khuntoria I start to like Vic Unnie but after that I stay with Amber again. hehe Amber is my unlimited girl bias too.My fav song for fx is…. I don’t know. Too many. Beautiful stranger? Jet?Ending Page?Dracula? UGH. I love all of them


I don’t know why I still not stanning BAP although they really match my type TALENTED,HIPHOP and IDIOT. I tried to make me fall in love with them with watch their variety,follow everything about them but I still can’t stant them. I just like them, not love. I f you know what I mean xD I start to know them since debut with Warrior but I don’t really like their style that time. But I still following them. When the fist time I know them I love Zelo so much. But I don’t know since when I started to love Bang Yongguk damn much. Yongguk is my unlimited bias *wink* With his gummy smile, I think I’m going to die everytime watching him. My fav song for BAP is Coffee Shop. Junhong and Yongguk voice make me going to die like srsly. The MV also too perfect T.T


These two kids are too talented like !*&^@&*! Soohyun is same age like me so I’m kinda excited. I’m in love with them since their predebut with I Love You. Chanhyuk not so handsome but I really love him because of his wonderful voice and talent. My fav song for AKMU is Melted. This song always able to make me cry T.T


I start to know this group when they comeback with Pain of heart. When the first time I know them I like Taewoon (Because I only know him). And then I know that he is Zico’s brother. I become excited and I love Taewoon more and he is forever my bias xD but guess what? I still didn’t reconize SPEED members yet although I already like them for more than 1 year xD  My fav song for SPEED is Hey My lady. This song is so catchy and make me feel want to dance xD

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Derpyo is my fav
Saturday, July 26, 2014
Mommy get jealous - yongguk

Mommy! Wake Up!” 

"Hmm.." You pull the comforter to cover your face when the sun’s ray hit your eyes.

"Mommy~!! Wake up! I’m hungry" your 4 years old daughter, Hyeri continuing shake your body hard asking you to wakeup. She pull the comforter from covering your face. You’re trying hard to open your heavy eyelids. You don’t have enough sleep last night all of because companiying hyeri that can’t sleep, missing her daddy so much.

"Morning sunshine." you smile with your not so open eyes when your beautiful daughter is the first thing you see when wake up from sleeping.
“morning mommy. Now wake up and cook for me” She said and pull your hands forcing you to get off from the bed.

"Alright2. Let’s go." You just shake your head and following your over excited daugther.Looks like her mood already change today. Good for you, and her too.

Suddenly your nose smell something good from the kitchen.

"Yongguk…?!" You shock when you saw him at home. He said he will come home tomorrow.


[[ http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/792022/mommy-get-jelous-fluff-romance-you-yongguk-bap-daddyfic ]]

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Ypu should slap zico harder, ukwon. And kick PO butt too
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